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How to make REAL MONEY selling stamps part-time in your basement even if your do not know what a postage stamp is!

The Shocking Truth About Stamp Values. You think you know what stamps are worth. Take advantage of a secret flaw in stamp prices that cost retail stamp buyers thousands.

The Two Types of Stamp Collectors. Well you know everything about stamp collectors' preferences in your stamp club, and how these collectors behave. Do you want to sell stamps in stamp clubs? in shows? Or do you want to make real money?

Seven "Politically Correct" Tactics That Will Kill Your Stamp Business. If you want to make big money in stamps, don't follow the steps of traditional stamp dealers. Even if you know nothing about stamps except the marketing tips that are presented in the book, you'll do better than most traditional stamp dealers. You'll work far less hours and invest far less cash!

WHO is the Rebel Stamp Dealer

On the Internet, it's tough to know who to believe. There are so many people making ridiculous claims, it's insane. It's like day after day, you get hit with hype pitch after hype pitch. In a moment, I'll show you specifically what I can do for you. But first, here is why you should believe me to begin with:

I have written monthly articles for the largest monthly philatelic magazine in Canada - Philatélie-Québec (Stamp Collecting in Quebec) - on public auctions, frauds and manipulations occurring in auctions and the way to protect yourself. I also wrote for Canadian Stamp News and a few articles for non philatelic media.

I have been running the first public stamp auction site 100% dedicated to philately since March 1997 and I have learned to deal with fraudulent people as the webmaster. Just a few, but very clever people.

I have been keeping up with online auction technology, frauds, gimmicks since the days eBay was FREE. Yes I was already selling on ebay at the time! Before the feedback feature was even in place.

Photo taken from the camera during the TV show.

Here at my desk during an interview - you may see the microphone attached to my shirt - for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French TV)

I have been living off the internet for the past FIVE YEARS, selling stamps and selling my expertise on internet security. Several companies are paying me thousands of dollars to take care of their electronic commerce site and all security about it.

By the way, I don't hide behind a P.O. Box, a fake real address or an e-mail address. My office number is (514)630-1790 . I've had that same number for over 21 years now. And it isn't going to change anytime soon. I had lived in Beaconsfield, near Montréal for the past 34 years and recently moved to a hobby farm in Ontario

Now let's get down to the good part. You've always wanted to make money selling stamps or you wouldn't be reading this. How is the best way for you to do it?

The chemicals got to my brain so I'll show you...

... I'm giving away the "industry insider secrets"

The Types Of Stamps That Bring The Most Profits. Do you think traditional stamp dealers are in this market? Very few are indeed! So jump on the opportunity. When you know what this market is.
The Two Deadly Mistakes Many Small Dealers Make. You won't make these mistakes if you think as a marketer and not as a stamp dealer. Discover what NOT to do.
Why You Should Avoid Targeting Stamp Collectors. Chances are you are collecting stamps. So you better discover who are the right people to sell to if you want to maximize your income.
How To Start Your And Inventory For Only 50 Dollars. This is shocking. How many businesses can you start with $50? And make money within a week.
How To Get Many Sales The First Month Starting From Scratch. With a small investment and no advertizing budget you have to be prepared to do some research. When you know where to search, it's easier to get fast results.
Where To Get Mint Stamps Very Cheap. Only post offices print stamps. So one would believe mint stamps always sell for based on a fixed price. Do you know that you can get them cheaper? You better know this if you want to sell mint stamps.
How and Why to Sell With No Competition. When a fisherman gets plenty of fish, most fishermen crowd around the same place, fighting the same fishes, smaller and smaller, leaving the biggest fish hungry elsewhere. If you know how to recognize the lonely spots, you'll get the biggest catches.
How To Honestly Profit From 911 And Make Customers Happy. Although the 911 event was a disaster and attracted unscrupulous salespeople of all kinds, this chapter shows a way to ethically make a living from the aftermath and fill the needs of plenty customers. Likely you can make lots of money from the Superbowl or the World Cup of soccer.
Let's start. Based on previous chapters, you should now decide what your market will be when you set-up your business, while having only fifty dollars to spare...

Other dealers are ticked I'm giving this out publicly

As I mentioned earlier, I had a celebrated stamp dealer career prior to writing and selling this book. Also, I wrote this book on my own keyboard. The information is ALL mine. Did you know that many "experts" DO NOT write their own books? They pay a "ghostwriter" to do it for them!

All I know is I wrote "How To Make Money Selling Stamps - Get Started Under 50 Dollars" myself. It's based on my own experience. Not someone else's. As a ex-professional stamp dealer with lots of experience in mail order - "approvals" in the stamp business language - and all internet areas - "the web" in common language - and who actually lives off his sales on the web.

The book is written in the same direct language that I am using here. With the same grammatical errors that you are finding here. Because French is my native language, not English.

But what you are interested in information, not my blah blah. Right?

I can't promise or imply this book will make you rich overnight or make you X dollars in X time period. I just promise to show you the way to start selling stamps online with only 50 dollars.

Pretending the book will make you $1,000 a week, $10,000 a month, $X next year, etc would be a bogus claim. I have never met you. For all I know, you're the person next door. How can I claim you'll make a dime in the stamp business.

By the way, the FTC says that if you make such claims, they have to be representative of what the average person does who buys the product, unless you clearly state otherwise. Well, the truth is that I know people selling stamps on the internet who make a $100 profit per month and are happy with that.

I also know a few dealers who make many thousands (even tens of) dollars profit per month. These too are happy with their sales.
Many are selling duplicates and balances of collections they bought. The others live off the internet. How could I tell how much an average person will make?

2,000% to 4,000%

Stamp dealers said this could NOT be done

They were wrong!!!

FOUR illustrated examples in the book with photos and all the details on the exact conditions under which I found and bought the "collections" FROM STAMP DEALERS and the exact conditions under which I have sold or am still selling them. I SHOW YOU EBAY TRANSACTIONS

How I made $2,000 in only a few months from a $100 "collection" bought at a stamp dealer's store in Montreal
How I made $750 in one year with a $50 "collection" bought at the November Montreal Stamp Show
How I am currently making $1,500 and counting from a $15 collection I bought at a Montreal public auction last year
How I am currently making $4,000 and counting from a $100 collection I stocked for 6 years

Hundreds of knowledgeable persons have seen these collections and made a conscious decision NOT to buy these collections because they didn't know how to make an honest profit with them!

Yeah right. I show some pretty dramatic success stories of specific techniques I am using. For obvious reasons, that is far different from saying you'll get the same results -- guaranteed. But you should be able to do copy my tricks.

I'm highly confident you're going to fall in love with my book.

What you will not get when you order

I'm NOT going to send you a book filled with list of stamps you can buy at discounts and resell the traditional way. That's crazy. You really think you're going to make any money off a laundry list of stamps?
If you do, I have some land in Northern Quebec for you ... But if you're looking for stamps to sell, in my book, I do show you the right way to get some.
I'm NOT giving you access to some secret forum where people without lives go to bicker and argue all the time and rarely exchange useful ideas.
I'm NOT giving you a CD with 1 million names you can spam and get clobbered in return.
I'm NOT giving you other CDs with thousands of useless links on them.

Here's what you will receive

An ebook that you will download immediately after your payment
How to sell stamps on the internet with an edge over traditional stamp dealers
How to buy the right stamps from the right places
How to sell the right stamps to the right customers
Money reselling this book anywhere and make 50% of the net sale price

Here's what you need to start

No need to know any HTML
No need to know marketing
No need to prepare a website
No need to run a store
No need to hire employees
No need for a bank account - sorry you need a bank account...


"Make Money Selling Stamps presents a simple and fascinating way to make money online without a lot of experience or a lot of money. Gerard's expertise as an ex-professional stamp dealer is very evident in the insider secrets and techniques that he shares throughout the book.

Interesting case studies reveal how easily this type of business can be started and how successful it can potentially be. I highly recommend this ebook if you're looking for a fun and different way to make money from home."

Jenny Evans Dunham


"Completely by chance, I got my review copy of your book just as I was moving. I found a small box jam-packed with stamps. Thanks to the information you shared I'll now be able to make a nice profit!"

J. Hamilton Kelley, author, YouTube Bucks


"Make Money Selling Stamps" is a wonderful introduction into the world of profitable stamp dealings.

Gérard's insider knowledge shines throughout this report.

If anyone should desire a niche to get into at this moment, they would not go far wrong doing some research into the world of philately.

You have provided some great tips about why this market is ready for the Internet.

Jim Burney

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